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Quality Management System
-- To improve the quality, progress and  the market;

The company strictly in accordance with ISO14001 and ISO9001 management system standards and the EU ROHS requirements, the use of advanced 5S management tools, establishment of a modern, scientific and environmental standards and standardized system and quality management system, from product design, manufacturing, testing and sales so every step to ensure that products meet the high quality;

The company's personnel philosophy: people are often the first capital of the macro;

The company's business objectives: There is no best, only better;

Company Quality

Excellence, Wing Chong first: the company through continuous improvement of the quality management system, and continuously improve products quality, service level and brand value; Chang Wang is China's national industry representatives, our position is with international standards, to become research center; qualified products rate in the industry first, and strive to reach the industry's first production scale;
Efforts to move customers: Always concerns and meet customer demand is the starting point for all the work of the company, we adhere to the customer-centric, and dedication to customer service and establish the next process is the process of customers, primary customer management personnel, the majority of consumers who is a concept often macro customers with quality products and services, improve customer satisfaction, and we had to strive to exceed customer expectations;

Companys environmental policy

Cleaner production: in the production process and to maximize the use of clean technologies to reduce industrial emissions; the implementation of 5S management, live production environment to ensure a comfortable, clean;
Optimize the environment: through waste, air, water, or other types of pollutants generated by the effective management of materials, to reduce the impact on the environment, the environmental risks to a minimum level while striving to conserve natural resources;

Compliance: The company's design, production and sales process, protect the environment and ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations and requirements, through the joint efforts of pollution prevention, continuous improvement of the environment.

Continuous improvement: continue to meet customer requirements and relevant laws and regulations, so that the fruits of labor more valuable consumers.

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